About Us

AkaShiro is a company that runs on stationery product. With it's names means "Red - White/Merah Putih", AkaShiro is always creating stationery product that fits into Indonesian market. Not to menation, with its' tagline "Premium Brand Stationery", every product are made to perfection with the finest material. To this day, AkaShiro has been approved by Indonesian market and well spread acrosss Indonesia

Premium Brand Stationery

There are three reasons why it’s called “Premium Brand Sationery”. First, each and every one of AkaShiro products is made with the finest material to achieve the highest quality possible. Second, Its' smart yet modern design combined with creativity as its core, made AkaShiro always a class above others. Last but not least, is the premium quality with affordable price that makes it different from other. 



Lokasi Penyebaran Produk AkaShiro